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Pirate Painting 

of Key west 

Meet James Kershaw, the visionary founder of Pirate Painting in Key West. With a passion for both artistry and craftsmanship, James has dedicated years to mastering the art of painting, transforming homes, businesses, and communities across the vibrant landscapes of Key West. Renowned for his meticulous attention to detail and commitment to delivering unparalleled quality, James has assembled a team of skilled artisans who share his dedication to excellence. His leadership and expertise have earned Pirate Painting a sterling reputation for not only superior painting services but also a commitment to customer satisfaction and a deep respect for the unique aesthetics of the Lower Keys way of life. 

James "jimmy" Kershaw 

Pirate Painting Owner 

Phone: 321-771-1803

Meet the Pirate James "Jimmy" Kershaw

We have an amazing team and several multi-generational painters. Its in our blood and we do amazing work. We look forward to a good challenge. 

As for myself, well, I've been painting for 40 years and I started my business in Key West 18 years ago. There is nothing I can't paint well. 

My crew is a solid group of guys. You can often find us at Fort Zach on the weekends. 

Our Story

Mile Zero Painting

At Pirate Painting, we pride ourselves on embodying the essence of craftsmanship and artistry in every stroke. As Key West's premier painting specialists, we value precision, creativity, and dedication to our craft. Our commitment extends beyond delivering exceptional painting services; it encompasses a profound appreciation for the vibrant colors and unique architectural styles that define Key West. We cherish the opportunity to enhance your spaces with our expertise, ensuring meticulous attention to detail, superior quality, and a seamless fusion of your vision with the island's distinct charm. Trust us to transform your canvas into a masterpiece, reflecting our unwavering commitment to excellence as painters in Key Wes

What We Value

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